Sunday, November 02, 2008


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I was thinking about tokens of affection. The traditional wedding ring and diamond engagement ring. It is an internal battle of mine, because I don't have a diamond, not really anyway. I had a small diamond that was taken from my great uncle's ring that we had set into a custom ring for me when we got married. The problem is two-fold. My fingers have gotten bigger (note I said bigger not fatter) and the ring doesn't fit anymore. Second, the ring causes a rash when I wear it.

So, why do I think I need a big diamond? A ring that is nothing more than a showcase? A Tiffany would be nice, bigger would be better. What is this desire and where does it come from? I seriously love the Tiffany Legacy ring. An Edwardian styled ring with a one caret center diamond would run me 14K. A two caret ring, a mere 37,000 smacks. really 37K. What on earth is this desire and why on earth would I spend (or expect Jeff to spend) this much money on a bauble, a trinket, a token? I love the thought of a ring, a real wedding ring that I could wear. But you know what, I have a lot of things that 14,000 could buy. A car for example. I could pay off my student loans, I could use it to invest in my children's education. I could donate it to charity and feed a number of families in Cambodia for a year.

So, for now, I am content with my $30 silver ring that I wear on my ring finger. It shows my devotion to my husband and reflects my true values. But, as much as I believe in being frugal and appreciating what I have, if I was given a million dollars, that ring would be mine, I am just saying.

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Sharon J said...

I really don't see myself as a diamond person, but can understand why anybody would covet one. If I ever got married again (which I doubt), I'd want a silver ring that I'd design myself.

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