Friday, November 07, 2008

officially now a one income family

Yep, not a great day, one we were not surprised about and have been preparing for at least some what. Starting soon we will be a one income household again for a while. As I mentioned yesterday, it is a good time to be scaling back and focusing on the long range plans.


Faye said...

*sigh* chin up guys. Hope Jeff finds something that makes him happy! ... and finds it quickly, as we now how helpful it is to have an extra body around the place when you are working from home ;)

Catz said...

So sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed something good comes along soon! Well done though for sorting your budget out ready! "Your money or your life" is a favourite here as well. After reading that book, my son cleared (by snowballing) £22,000 of debt incurred while at uni and in the early crazy first years aterwards.

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