Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Patio Garden-Planning stages

I want to have this. You know, the lovely patio garden. It is just a matter of getting one of those "round tuits". There are a number of veggies that I have tried in Singapore and I have failed each time. I figure it is one of the following things: either the soil in my planters stink...which it does... the veggies are not suitable for Singapore... probable... the dog digs it up...often...the seeds are old...maybe...I have a brown thumb..

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So, the goal is to create a real container/patio garden this spring. I want to grow tomatoes, lettuce and herbs for sure. Maybe some eggplant and some peppers. I would love a zucchini plant, but I have no idea if it will grow in a tropical container garden. I am traveling this week and dreaming of the home projects I want to do over the next few weeks when I am back home.

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First step I think is to give up on the DIY store seed packs. I have yet to have a single one turn out. The plants fail to thrive, if I can get them past a sprout stage at all.

Second, find a good nursery that sells real compost, not some crap (like we have purchased before that is nothing more than dirt from the side of the road). Third is probably to have someone from the nursery come and help me re-do the container on my patio. While the trees are nice and offers privacy, I would rather have the trees in a pot so I can use the full extent of the built in bed. Who knows though, I need to plan out the garden, look at the brightest spots from the sun perspective and get crackin. Fresh veggies in 2-3 months? Can't wait.

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