Thursday, May 12, 2005

Be Very Careful what you ask for...

More on the whole art journal class, I am taking it all in, and it seems to be very appropriate. The prompt this week is RISK. Wow, the timing could not have been better. Jeff is looking for a new job. One option would involve a move. Not a move I am too excited about, but it would be a great opportunity for him. I also don't want to hatch my chickens before they coop, or something like that, so risk is a very appropriate theme now.

I also think about my desires and wants. What is it that I want?

1. Do I want to be an international attorney and live the life a a vagabond, living out of suitcases, on the road more weeks than home? I used to think so.

2. Do I want to stay home with the kids all the time? Give them my full and undividved attention 24-7? Would I have the emotional strength? Would I go nuts?

3. Do I want to become a rich socialite expat wife, lunching, meetings for "the better good of the poor and downtrodden" in what ever town I live?

4. Do I want to have a small farm, back at home in Oregon, but as a result be tied to the land and never feel the opportunity to leave?

Risk, what do I want? What is best for my family and me? What do Jeff and I really need?

I guess part of living simply, is living mindfully. I think I need to "drill down" and find what is the very core of me and satify those inner calls. It is too easy to pick part of the solution, and feel part satisfied, only to later feel incomplete.

Be careful what you ask for. I wanted an overseas life, with travel being first and foremost, I got it... but is that all I want? I just don't know.

ramblings from the road. Week one of 3 weeks of travel.



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