Thursday, May 05, 2005

Going Home For Vacation?

So, we have committed, we are going back to the States for 2 weeks this summer. One of the big plans is to go through our storage shed, get rid of stuff that has been sitting there for 6 years now, and determine what to keep, toss and what to ship back to Singapore.

Some things I want to bring back are some of my books on Simple Living, Money and Earth Stewardship. I also want to bring back my plates, my china and my silver.

We also have a rug, that is currently on the floor at my mom's house, that needs to find its way to our living room and to cushion our toes.

I also want our pots and pans, that way we can start cooking on good stuff, rather than on plastic coated teflon pans.

Well, we also can take some time and throw out lots of stuff as well. An adventure for sure!

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