Tuesday, May 03, 2005

doubts and fears

A personal post today. A bit confused, full of stress, our life seems to change in directions we are not always prepared for. I am starting an online class for art journaling. Written Down. I have always journalled through out various times in my life, and I have not done it recently, although these blogs are the online version of journaling. Anyway, many of the fellow classmates are bigtime full on published artists and scrapbookers. This is pretty intimidating to a art newby. (see my post on those issues over on the Far Flung blog).

I guess my insecurities above are sort of being fed by a whole host of issues. Jeff's job transition. My impending travel schedule of 3 weeks next month. Plans to go home in June to see family and friends.

A day filled with doubts and fears about my future, my dreams, my life.

We will return to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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