Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Midnight Shopping Spree

Yup, I have been known, in the past, to find things on the side of the road, or in the recycle bins that still have tons of use. when we lived in Taiwan, some student friends of ours introduced us to their apartment filled to the brim with very cool cast offs. The practice in Taiwan is to throw out your un-wanted items before Chinese New Year so that we can welcome in new things and new wealth over the lunar new year. So, the week before Chinese New Year in Taiwan is great for Midnight Shopping or Midnight Decorating. They got a whole living room full of barely used Tatami mats that made their apartment ROCK.

Well, being a cheapo, I always tend to keep my eyes out when ever I pass the garbage bin here at the Condo. OK, so LIKE I DON'T TAKE GARBAGE... DUH... but I saw a great leather briefcase once, I almost grabbed it, but one of the rules of simplifying is don't take what you won't use! So, yesterday, I saw this AWESOME little batik fabric covered box. I have no idea what came in it originally, but I thought it is really neat and would make a neat "altered" art box for Jeff for his birthday. I could decorate the inside of the box and make a sort of picture box of it. He could put it on his desk and when he wanted to see pictures of the kids... he could open it.

ALas,plans change however, Declan has claimed said box as his own for his coloring supplies. will we ever get it back?



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