Monday, April 11, 2005


The tax man commeth. For the tax year 2004, we had to file 4 separate returns. One in Taiwan before we moved to Singapore. Ok, so we can check that one off the list... now, April 15th looms...and we need to file our Singapore taxes. Jeff has a "real" job where he makes a salary and they report his income to IRAS (the IRS of Singapore). I on the other hand, have to figure out my business income and report it. Ok, plus there is the small business on the side that I need to totally do something about... Far Flung.

Then, come June, we need to turn around and file our Oregon and US returns. Even though we don't have taxable US income (only the house rental, which does not really generate profit, but pays for itself).

YUK. 4 returns. Now, all of you back at home that only had to file your local and federal taxes... picture your self lucky.


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