Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How much?

Keri Smith is a great artist and has a wonderful blog. I actually need to go down and get her book.... but today her post was very on point for this blog

What does it take to make a home? How much do you need?


I need to sit down and really mull this question over again as I look at my house beginning to accumulate stuff. The goal for me in terms of simplicity is not necessarily how little I need, but to find that perfect balance between needs and wants, filling the house (and my life) with beautiful things, but not to such an extreme that I can't set foot in the door.

finding the balance for me is going to be different than it is for someone else, that is for sure. Some will find they need less, they can live in a cabin by the river with a few books to keep them company. Others may find a few books is too spartan, to austere, to simple.

I know for sure... I want to get my China and Silver from my storage in the states. If I have beautiful things, they do not serve any purpose in storage. I want to have a nice carpet on my cold floor. I want to hang some pictures (scrapbooking on the wall perhaps) of my children.

I don't need a hairdryer (I just put it up anyway). I don't need much if any makeup. I don't need a microwave. I don't need a juicer. I would like a multipurpose blender/food processor... but I don't need it.

What don't you need? What do you want? Where do you find balance?

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