Thursday, April 14, 2005

From a great list I belong to...Food Hints

This is a list prepared by Tenzicut from her website Down to the Roots.

I found these tips inspring for living more organically.

• Eat organically grown foods whenever possible,
preferably locally grown, and don’t expect perfection in
appearance, but don’t sacrifice quality either, OG Grown
produce should be as good or better, but they will not
all look like they were stamped out of a

• Where you can’t find Organic, try to keep your imported
food to a minimum; offshore pesticide controls and
inspections may be less rigid.

• Concentrate on in-season food grown locally; out of season produce is
shipped a long way for along time and it is often treated
with chemicals to keep it from spoiling

• Plan your meals. Utilize leftovers.

• With non-Organic foods, follow good pre-cleaning and cooking

• Keep yourself informed about the pesticides used on
foods and the additives used in them and ask your
grocer to stock foods without them.

• Read labels of all processed foods, on which the ingredients
must be listed in the order of quantity; buy products
with the fewest ingredients. Try to buy processed
foods with the least amount of packaging or re-usable packaging.

• If you are concerned about possible chemical residues or
want to complain about the additives in a packaged
food, write to the manufacturer listed on the label (or
do a web search for them); usually on the box, only
the company name, the city and postal code are
listed, but that is generally enough to get the letter to
reach “The President” of the company.

• Consider sending a photocopy to the president of your grocery
store chain, the store manager can give you the name
and address.

• Take a few minutes and write a thank you letter or email when you find and are pleased about finding an additive-free, certified organic, or
otherwise environment-friendly product in a store. It will
encourage producers, store managers and growers to
continue, besides, sometimes they give you free or 50% off
the product coupons.

We try to do our best at buying food from our local biodynamic/organic farm Green Circle Eco Farm. While our food is not always pretty, it is wonderful and usually very flavorful!

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