Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Ok, I have a cyst, and it hurts, it happens to be in one of those places that clothes rub and makes it even worse.

Along those lines here is some fun reading from one of the internets' greatest bloggers... Dooce. I remeber reading about Lance Armstrong (the cyst...not the cyclist) and Lance Armstrong the Conclusionreader alert graphic written images are in the above links (in otherwords...eew gross.

So, I am about to run off on a short overnight trip to Shenzhen China and when I come back I am going to ask the Doc if there is anything he can do to "cyst my lance".

In the meantime, lots of internet sites basically state there is nothing you can do, other than wait, have it removed, and take antibiotics. YUK. It is funny, I had the same type of a bump on my hip, it appeared when I was preggers with Declan and it was there for about 2 years, it never bothered me, but it is still sort of there in sort of a scar tissue sort of a way. The only other thing that I can see is that I should take more EFA (cause I guess that helps prevent them) and to use a warm compress. In the meantime, it is bandaid city for me.

More information than you ever wanted to know huh?

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