Saturday, December 02, 2006

7 things for the week of 12-1-2006


So, here is a picture of a few of the "7" things that went out the door. What you don't see pictured is the 4 packages of file folders I listed on Freecycle... they are just plain folders folks... also two pairs of girls sandles that will go to the Phillipines in Nancy's next package for her Brother's baby girl.

What you do see is a sweater set. It got dyed a funny color last year and I don't ever wear it in Singapore...out the door it goes (why did it take me a year to do this???)

7 pairs of Childrens shoes that the kids have outgrown.
A shirt I bought that never fit right
A pair of my old glasses (circa 1995)
Another one of those "TI" notebooks that I keep finding around my house.

That brings this weeks total to 17. (NOT including the separate file folders....)

Total for 4 weeks... 43 things that have gone on to better homes. In one way I feel like I could clean out this whole house in one fell swoop, but it is kinda fun to do it bit by bit. And, frankly I am probably actually getting rid of more stuff this way.

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Aida said...

aHi there ! I came by your blog at Freecycle and you scrapbook too, love the Fancy Pants !!! I hope your son's dental problems work out, it sounds very painful. Aida.

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