Monday, December 04, 2006

A new day

So, it is better around here today. Declan got a visit from the tooth fairy and today he will get to chose a prize for his Tooth Fairy money. Probably about 2 years earlier than we wanted to go down this path, but I felt it was important to make a positive thing about losing your teeth. He did fine for most of the day, but at Dinner it was a bit tramatic when he realized he could not bite down on things with his "front" teeth. The good news, as my sister says, that at the age of 5 his classmates will start losing teeth soon too so he won't be totally out of place.

On the home front, DH is traveling again today. He was gone over the weekend for a company party in Bali. Now he is off to Taiwan for a 3 day business trip. I hope that he is able to catch up with some of his old pals while he is there. I will have to travel in 2 weeks to Shanghai. I may try to catch up with some buddies while there, but it means all of the Christmas plans must be in place and ready before I fly out. I only get back on the 22nd. That is really ok though as I think Christmas will just be family this year. Small gifts and small dinner. I am really just ok with that!

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