Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Gifts

Well, we went shopping for gifts for the kids. We have had the list for quite a while, and this is probably not an "authorized" purchase in my own personal compact pledge, but I am not going to beat my self up. The long story short is... I am starting in July next year and every member of the family will get something made or purchased second hand. I am not doing that again!

Declan and Kiera are getting 2 "presents" this year from us. Declan is getting a hot wheel track and battery train. Kiera is getting a new baby doll and a play kitchen. The family is getting some games we can all play together. The games I feel are totally within the Compact goals.

I have also gotten Kathy her last gift and if you are reading sis... it will be in the mail tomorrow :-)

So, now more in line with what I want my life to be, living simply, deliberatly and honestly... we are making gifts for our friends that are coming over for Christmas day and for our friends we hope to see on Boxing Day... For HH and Jen, a bottle of homemade Lemoncello. For Faye and Dean... well.. you may be reading this so lets just say I am grinding it...

I can see next years gifts already

1. Family History Pictures for Trish
2. A scrapbook of Mom's history for Mom
3. Recipes and foodstuff from SE Asia for Dad and Linda
4. Family Recipe Book for Kathy with our favorite foods from Growing up.

So not a surprise perhaps, but then again, I may change my mind. Just ideas for fun gifts from the heart, not from the pocket.

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