Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year and Resolutions

Today was a great day. Jeff and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last night by having dinner at our favorite restaurant here in Singapore "the Cellar Door". We had a wonderful meal, with a great bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir, hand imported by our friend Scott and saved for a special occasion. We were home and didn't even try to make it to midnight before crashing and waking up at Midnight to hear the neighbors celebrate.

Today, we took the kids down to Sentosa Island for luge rides and lunch. The kids love riding on the cable cars to get to Sentosa, so after the luge the ride back up the hill on a chair lift was like double the blessing for them. Each kid really enjoyed the luge trip down the hill so much, we did it twice. We still had two individual rides left, but knowing the kids were at the end of the good kid phase Jeff gifted the rest of the ticket to someone who stood in line.

I sorted through more kids clothes this week and gave probably 15 pieces to Nancy to send to her family in the Philippines. Another 60+ went to the Salvation Army. I need to go back and count the items out the door since I started my seven things pledge, but I can honestly say I feel good about giving away items I don't use and clearing out my house at the same time.

The compact pledge for 2007 starts today. I sort of did it in December with a few slips. The goal is to do better in 2007. In fact, I am going to extend my pledge to 12.31.07

A few clarifications on my pledge.

I will buy new undergarments and clothing items in the USA for the kids when I am there in January. I will buy new underthings for me, but I will not buy new clothes for myself.

I will be purchasing a few new 'technology' items in the next week, but these are directly linked to a work project.

I will NOT buy any more magazines. No matter how shiny and flashy they are I can and will resist.

I will also pledge to do a better job of caring for my health, perhaps spending a bit more on food items, but planning out family meals and sticking to my shopping list.

I also resolve to do my part to make the Earth better by being a better person. I plan on being more patient, more loving and more kind, living less destructively on the earth by reducing my consumption, to devoting more time to friends and family, to rediscovering those things that make me smile and living the year to the fullest.

Peace and Happy New Year.

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