Monday, January 22, 2007

Age 41

So, it was my birthday yesterday and I turned 41. It is hard to believe that frankly the day didn't bother me. Well, I had a pretty cruddy morning, but not at all related to the age thing. I guess 41 doesn't seem like a big deal. I am who I am, what I am and the age I am. I don't think I would go back and do anything over again. My life has been pretty fantasic, I have had some pretty crappy things happen, but some pretty wonderful things too. I guess it all balances out in the wash.

Last night I specifically asked for no gifts from Jeff. We spent our evening out having dinner with a girlfriend Jennifer (our friend Haitham, her boyfriend, wasn't able to make it as he was working on a Sunday Night). We drank a couple glasses of Champagne. Drank an excellent Pinot from New Zealand, ate a wonderful (and expensive) dinner. Not frugal mind you, but totally within what the Compact means for me. we dined out enjoyed ourselves did not purchase un-needed items, ate a dinner that we could afford-BUT WON't DO AGAIN FOR A VERY LONG TIME (it was that expensive) and enjoyed an evening with each other. A very nice very perfect birthday celebration.

So, at the age of 41 I wonder if I should be more insightful, should I have a new fount of knowledge to draw on? Should I be able to recite my times tables so that my children can learn them from me? Should I live a life more peace filled? should I learn to stop and slow down? Should I learn to sometimes say no. even to myself? Sure. Good Goals. I will work on those.

but, today as I am now 14,966 days old, I think I am just going to chill out and get my stuff done before I go on vacation.

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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! Don't trouble yourself with shoulds. I like the plan to just chill out--infinitely more relaxing.

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