Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So, January 16th. 16 days into my second month of the Compact. So-as you all know, the first month was not that successful. I fell of the wagon and bought things. Christmas gifts, the whole shebang. Januaray, to date, while not perfect has been much better.

We finally cleared out all of the second hand clothing we have been storing waiting for either the kids to grow into them or for us to be able to use warm weather clothes. Over the last 2 weeks, proabably 50 items of childrens clothing went to the Salvation Army.

I went shopping. Three times. I went and bought a printer which was a pre-planned exception for my pending book deal and I also bought some photo albums to store pictures in for a online class I am taking. I just did not have the time or ability to try to find the albums I NEEDED used. As a scrapbooker I will not use magnetic albums and the albums needed to be big enough to store the 10000 pictures I am sorting. I don't feel bad about the purchase- of course I wish I could have found them new but some things are just harder to find here I guess. The last shopping purchase was at Made With Love and was scrapbook supplies. But these are again for the book and are packaged up and ready to ship out to my design team in order for them to use as supplies for layouts. I only kept 10 sheets for myself. The rest went to the team.

Good progress. I went to Borders the other day with two other ladies. I walked around, browsed the books and walked out. No purchase. I also then later went to a different bookstore to look for said photoalbums... looked at a magazine that I have a particular affection for...almost bought it... started to rationalize..I could use this for the book, there is an article here..... but realized- I DONT NEED IT! It is just extra clutter. It is stuff I don't really want.

Not getting any easier, but it is doable. The big challenge will be in California in two weeks. This is our annual trip home and we purchase our years worth of underwear, socks and the like for the kids and family. I also tend to shop for "fun" things. The goal is to get the required items and no more.

Always a challenge!


Jenny said...

Good luck with the trip to CA. I think that'll be a real challenge--at least it would be for me.

WhiteWizard said...

I am from California and I always have to come back with the three S's. See's, sourdough and salami. But, we went home for 4 weeks over Christmas, took a budget and managed to live within it. Wahoo! A huge first... Usually we bleed from home leave. And there ARE a lot of interesting things to be found in the stores!!!!

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