Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How's the compact going for you?

so, I am 1 month in, and Decemeber was well, a non-starter for me. As mentioned above, I fell off the wagon very quickly when it came to Christmas presents and things. Bought a few magazines even. But it was a start in a mind shift for me. I have always tried to live simply, I used to be proud of the fact that my "valuables" the stuff in which I placed worth, could fit in my car and move to the next place. As I grew older, the accumulation of stuff takes over, but I could still fit stuff into a pick up truck.

Of course now two children, a career, a family, a household I never want to get back down to that level of spartan again, but at the same time I am starting to appriciate what I have, what I need and what I want. More stuff was cleaned out this week. I am giving away my old hiking backpack and we tossed a few suitcases that were beyond thier prime. The rest of the kids clothes that we were waiting for the kids to grow into have been sorted and the clothes we can't use are in the donation pile.

So far, 9 days into 2007 and I have made only one purchase, one that I had been planning on all along and that is a new printer for photos... this is directly related to a book deal I am working on and is a needed expense. I got a free IPOD shuffle with it and would love to upgrade to a new stereo system (as our has died) but I will keep my eyes out for a used one.

I have walked by the magazine racks...and kept walking. Walked through the mall and felt no desire to purchase. The second month so far is going much better and I am pleased.

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