Tuesday, March 06, 2007

5 star girl

we just got back from a quick weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur. I was there on business for the week, so Jeff and the kids took the bus up along with our friend Corbett and our nanny Nancy. The bus is a great deal, it is $97 Singapore dollars round trip and drops you off almost right at KLCC (the major shopping center/park/hotel complex in the heart of KL).

While in KL, we ate dinner with Corbett and his friend (a fellow TI'er out on business in KL) Stefan at a great Spanish/German Pork restaurant called El Cerdo. We had the roast piglet, pork steak, sausages, a nice bean/pork soup, and a few other dishes that I can't now remember. It was a feast of pork to be sure!

The kids played in the KLCC park, we visited the new Aquarium at KLCC Convention Center, which was pretty good. They had a few too many snakes for my taste, but it was a special exhibit I guess. We also spent lots of time lounging around the pool and the kids had room service breakfast 2 mornings in a row. They loved calling in the order, watching the service attendant set up the trays and eating the meal while sitting on the end of the bed. We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental, in my opinion the best hotel in Asia. The service is great, the staff super, the food and location unbeatable. The best part is the price, due to my corporate discount and the exchange rate, a 5 star hotel costs us $100 US a night. Amazing.

the only problem is that after a whole day of pool lounging, room service and pampering... Kiera announced that she didn't want to leave. She wanted to live in the hotel forever. AH, I have a real 5 star luxury babe on my hands :-)

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