Friday, March 30, 2007

Life....and the importance of enjoying it

I had a super busy day yesterday, worked hard, got a lot done, went home and had to take a nap it was such a crazy day. Today, I woke up and read an email from a colleague of mine. His daughter nearly drowned yesterday while on vacation in Thailand. Fast thinking of the pool crew turned off the pump that had her stuck to the bottom of the pool and two vacationing doctors performed CPR on her. Last update is she is in the hospital and has had surgery to repair a shattered arm and they are looking for internal damage due to the strength of the pool pump, but so far I guess she is alive and that is a BIG thing.

After I read his email I went and hugged my children and told them how very much I loved them. You never know, it can all be gone in just a minute.

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