Monday, March 12, 2007

A few new interesting blogs

I have been thinking about the Compact pledge. Overall I think I have done OK, but I have NOT been completely true to the pledge. I find it pretty easy to justify a purchase. I need new shoes (which I really did as the only pair of work shoes I had were litterally falling apart... Really!) but I justify magazine purchases saying it is for the business. Ok, I really do read them and really do process the information and use the trend spotting portion for the business. Yes, I put these into the records as a business purchase, but it seems a bit disingenious to say the least. I am off to Hong Kong this week to attend a legal seminar and stop by a trade show for products for Far Flung Craft. I am excited about the trip there is a lot I want to see and do in 2 short days, but I worry that I will fall victim to my compulsive shopping habit. I love night markets... I see things I want....but don't need. So, I am going with good intentions to keep my demons at bay, enjoy the night market but not purchase anything!

A side note, while we are there we will be going out to dinner with a good friend of ours. This is a first for me as we will be dining at one of Hong Kong's famous (yet hard to find and even harder to get into) private dining houses. These are private kitchens ususally in homes that have been opened up-(I imagine they are not all together up and up with the SAR government) for private meals. I promise to take pictures and send back a report!

Anyway, I was looking at a Singapore blog service today and found two very intersting blogs. The first a bunch of garbage from around my very own condo. Disturbing that there is this much litter in my own "back" yard but kind of interested to see who my blogging neihbor is!

The second blog is going to take a bit of reading, but I do want to delve deeper. A Zen-Simple Living blogger returning to Singapore. Can't wait to read more.

Here you go.

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