Saturday, March 17, 2007

7 Things week of March 18

First off, T it was great talking to you today. I love you and I am well sorry I haven't talked to you in a while... you know.

In said conversation with T. the topic of 7 things challenge came up... I have not been very good at this recently, sort of fallen off many a wagon, but the 7 things are packed and ready to go out the door tomorrow morning.

1. John Le Carre Our Game book- read by both Jeff and I
2. Robert Crais The Last Dectective-read by both Jeff and I
3. Sue Grafton-G is for Gumshoe, I read, Jeff won't
4. Tom Clancey's Politika a book not written by Tom Clancy, only used his "name" read by both Jeff and I and we both wondered WHY?
5. John Le Carre-Absoulte Friends. Read by Jeff and I
6. Pair of size 14 black shorts bought in Taiwan 5 years ago after Declan was born. Don't fit-time to let go.
7.Black maternity Shorts-Not planning any more kids. Out the door.
8. Long Sleeve T-Shirt thing- Size small- Doesn't fit, never really did... don't wear it ever.
9. Khaki drawstring linen pants. About 9 years old, waistline is totally frayed, thin in the butt, not flattering... time to say good bye.

So, this feels good. While we were in HK we did not buy any clothing, although it was tempting. I sat in a legal seminar feeling totally under dressed. Part was because of the HK legal market and the ultra-conservative dress they wear, part because my clothes are all old and ill fitting. The advantage of working from home is that you don't have to dress up for anyone. The disadvantage is that you have nothing to wear when you are required to go out and be presentable.

Rather than buy new clothes right away (again, TRYING, but not all together successful) at staying on the Compact pledge. I am thinking about the next time I travel to Thailand having some tailored clothes made. The cost is inexpensive and the quality can be quite good, the next part is if this is a need or a want. Good thing I have some time to think about it.

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