Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Plans for today

So, my co-workers daughter is on the road to recovery, she should be flown back to Singapore in the next day or so. I am just very glad she is ok. Part of me (the lawyer part) wants to see him take action against the manufacturer of the pool drain and the hotel itself. Why, not so they can be rich (chances of large money recovery in court in Asia are nil) but to make these drains safe. Edwards did it in the States. It needs to be done here in Asia. I want to know if I let my kids play in a pool they will not be sucked to the bottom by an over powerful pump with no safety device.

But, the important thing is Elizabeth is ok, she is coming home, she does not seem to remember the drowning. She will probably be ok. But as a mother I have an extra worry now...

So, what is on my to-do list.

Things around here have been super busy, I have been working overtime for TI, working lots on the book, and trying to design some new products for the business. Good news is I now have a partner to help with the business and that will make a big difference. I have good friends in the industry that are helping me with my "photoshop" skills and Jeff is a great guy and while he is not working for a while, he has picked up some slack around the house.

The bad news is my continuing quest for simplification have been sidelined. So, today it is back on track. It is time to take a look at the clothes in my closet and do another round of pruning. Jeff said he wanted new "soup" spoons. So rather than run to the store, it is time to get back to the compact pledge and look for them at a second hand store. We don't need soup spoons, he wants them, so I want him to buy them used.

I want to clean my office today (which has gone from being my office) to a place where Jeff spends all his time too.... so I need to kick him out for the day in order to get some stuff done.

I need to take a look at all of the craft stuff I have and make some decisions. I think I may work with Faye to try to off load some of the yarn on Singapore e-bay or Yahoo Auctions. We don't need all this yarn and it would be nice to have the space available when we start printing paper.

Finally, I think I will sit down and start to plan out my weeks meals again. When I did this I always had a lunch ready, I didn't struggle over what to eat, I saved money by staying home, I ate better healthier meals and I think we did better in terms of planning for our food purchases and needs when at the store.

Busy doesn't mean I have to give up my goals of living lighter on the earth and more profoundly. It just means I have to think harder about it.

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lialuvsblythes said...

Hi Kristy!

Sorry, I don't have your contact details so am trying my luck here. For the yarn, I'm trending towards pinks, reds and greens. Mostly. Though my fickle self (and eyes) get attracted to other colors as well. :) If it's too troublesome to let me know all that you have, maybe just a few would do. Whichever works for you k. Thx!! *hugs*

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