Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life not on a farm

So I am in love with a new blog. Don't get me wrong, I still have a whole lot of old favorites and I can never really give them up. But my new crush is Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

First off, her writing is like miles beyond mine. Must be that LA University Degree she got. Not bagging on Oregon State or Willamette mind you, most of my own writing problems are simply my own. I am also pretty sure my father-in-law the English professor screams in pain every time he reads my writing....BUT Back to the new blog.

Ree is living on a ranch. Oh yeah with a totally hot stud muffin cowboy husband. And four really beautiful children. She takes pictures of life on the ranch. Pictures of pretty horses, and cattle and pasture. A life I sometimes dreamed I would live. Now, if you don't know I grew up in a small town in Oregon and my parents had a hobby farm. I fell in love with Agriculture. I started to get a degree in Ag. Education. I did smarten up a bit because my wanderlust side of my crazy brain shouted a bit louder and said "get thee abroad young woman". So, I moved into Ag. Econ. figuring that I would work in international agriculture somehow. But I still thought I would live on a farm. Show my children about life and death by way of nature.

Instead, I live in an apartment in Singapore. I work for Texas Instruments, as a lawyer. I have livedoverseas in Beijing, Taipei and now Singapore. While I won't discount this for a minute, my children play with a ethnically diverse group of people that they would have never been exposed to in McMinnville. They are learning Chinese, bits of Malay and Tagalog, in addition to the curse words that they call English from me and Jeff...but I miss the thought of a farm. I miss living a life of pastoral splendor. And yes I am a romantic fool because I know that it is anything but romantic living on a farm, my grandfather was a wheat and cattle rancher. I do know better, but part of me says it would have been cool. So now I just look at Ree's pictures and dream it was me. OK I think I will just dream of her super hot hubby and brother in law instead (wink wink) and of course no offence intended to her, her family.... or my darling husband.

Oh and for the sake of my own marriage... here's my hubby in all his finest.

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