Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Catherine Bower Grimm- Family History Part One

So this lovely lady is my great great great grandmother. Her granddaughter was my great grandmother Myrtle Bridgeford. Anyway, while I was working on the Asian Scrapbooking Book, I started to think back to a project I have long wanted to work on. A true family history book. A book that combines the stories of my family. (Frankly there will have to be two books for my children one for the Harris family and one for the Watkins family). A book that will combine scrapbook layouts, photos and genealogy data. But more important will tell the stories of our family.
So, here is one of the first stories. Not a long one because I really have lots to do today, but a story about Catherine Bower Grimm. This story came from a newsletter produced by Darlene in the 80s tracking down a bunch of data on the Grim family. Thanks to Darlene for her hard work!
Catherine Bower was the daughter of John Bower and Catherine Swineheart. She married Henry Grimm in 1845 when she was 17 years old. They moved from her "family" town of Bowerston Ohio and homesteaded in Nebraska. Catherine was the mother to 15 children, her youngest Carrie Edith was born 31 years after she married Henry when she was 48 years old. Carrie Edith was born when Catherine's oldest grandchild was 8 years old. During her life she lost 3 children to premature births or miscarriage, 4 of her children did not survive past the age of 5, including her last child Carrie.
Taking all of this into consideration, I think what an amazingly strong woman she must have been. To bear 15 children (out of 18 pregnancies). To do this while living and I am sure working on a farm. To live to be 92 years old. She was able to meet all of her 69 grandchildren. Wow...

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Larry Lehmer said...

Wow, indeed. All those children and the harsh prairie life to boot. A very strong woman. Thanks for sharing. And keep working on your family history. The rewards of documenting your family roots are tremendous.

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