Monday, April 30, 2007

Martha Stewart Fruit Crumble...The Singapore Way.

See, I fell off the wagon and I have been buying magazines again. Lots of them. Seriously have fallen off the compact big time when it comes to magazines. Otherwise my purchases of "new items" has been pretty good. Once and a while I slip, but for the most part I am doing well.

First, a picture of a cabinet I got off freecycle. I did purchase a bit of wood oil to try to get some moisture back into the wood, and a bit of wood glue to try to fix some of the decorative elements (but alas some are missing so the brickabrack will be incomplete)

Now, in order to justify falling off the Compact pledge of no new purchases (ok notice that I put the freecycle grab first?) I figure I had better use the recipes in the Martha Stewart Mag I bought. Well, I am a sucker for fruit crumbles.

This one is kind of from Martha's magazine, with a few improvisations from my part. The recipe calls for fresh peaches. Um, not going to find those in Singapore. And fresh Cherries, again, not the season nor are they easily purchased in Singapore. So, substitute frozen blackberries. Martha's recipe called for separate fruit crumbles one for the peach and one for the cherry. I mixed them all up. Her topping called for corn meal. Yuk. I substituted organic rolled oats and she used white flour, again substituted whole grain wheat flour instead.

I think that it was well received by my husband. Before I could even snap a picture, I come into the kitchen to see this, a bite taken from the corner. Yikes.
Anyway, if anyone wants the recipe I will post it.

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