Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Manicure, 7 Things and Christmas Gifts

Feeling a bit bad about the sheer amount of paper that I threw away in my mad organization of our file cabinet and the fact that despite good intentions I did not get rid of 7 things over the weeknd, the stack is there, but they did not get out the door.

Here is the list of 7+ things for the week which brings the total up to 26 items out the door over the last 3 weeks.

1. Hanging vertical paper file
2. and 3. Accordian File (x2)
4. The Illustrated Discovery Journal (I got this 5-6 years ago and NEVER used it)
5. A maternity Swim Suit (I just don't think I will ever use it again)
6. and 7. Two nursing bras. (Again, as much as my heart wants another child, my head and husband aren't too interested)
8. A black clutch purse.
9. and 10. 2 small notebooks given to me by my office.
11. A child's sun hat
12. A nursing swim suit (again same reason as above).

I am still holding onto so much baby stuff. The pain of giving up a desire for that third child is just to great to give up those items yet. I have the crib and highchair slated for use by my freind Faye when she has her baby in the next few months, but I have the ability to get them back should I need it in the future. I figure that these are the first few steps of getting rid of the baby stuff maybe it will help me deal with the loss of that dream.

So, I was supposed to be on vacation today and yesterday but my friend got sick and the trip had to be cancelled. I suppose it is all for the best as I can stay home and work on the outline and try to get that done today.

As for getting prepared for my compact pledge, while personal services are not really excluded, I don't think Manicures and Pedicures really fit in with the whole idea of the pledge, so I splurged on what may be last manicure for a year. I am not totally stating that I won't ever do it during the year as I really do love the pampering a good manicure pedicure gives you, it just is really not really in line with the financial goals of my personal pledge. But, let me tell you I did enjoy it.

My last two days pre-pledge will be finishing up some Christmas shopping for my nephews and my sisters and my parents. While one of the gifts my parents will receive will be homemade, it will not be done in time for Christmas I think so I plan on getting them each a small gift. I also have talked to my sisters and while I have not told them I will be "forgoing gifts" I have told them that I want the gifts I give them this year to 1. Either be something they NEED or 2. Something that has personal value to them. I have good ideas of what each will get, now I just need to execute this before I take the pledge. (kinda cheating I know, but it is my pledge to cheat on- wink, wink). What I do think I am going to do though is to send some $ to my sisters and have them open a savings account for each of the boys (if possible). I would love to see each of the extended Harris Kid learn the time value of money saved and have a stash of funds available for them to use when they get older.

3 more days until I take the pledge. Am I ready? I don't know I guess we will see.

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