Friday, November 10, 2006

Seven for the week of 11/10

So, I listed 7 things on Singapore Freecycle last night and by 9 am 5 of the 7 had been taken. Anything not out the door (at least reserved by midnight tonight) will be on its way to the Salvation Army tomorrow.

I feel liberated, I am glad I am going through stuff and getting rid of stuff. My office organization, while taking quite a bit of time is coming along and I am glad to be moving on with this.

So, here are the seven things that went out the door this week (actually I got rid of about 50 things on Tuesday, but that was before i found the 7things challenge...)

1. Making Designer Scrapbook Pages by Hot off the Press
2. Fibers and More- A book about using fibers in Scrapbooks
3. Award Winning Scrapbook Pages-by Creating Keepsakes
4. Watercolor Journeys, Create your own travel sketchbook by Richard Schilling5. Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers (Includes Patterns)
6. Up the Back, Down the Front-Knitting Sweater Patterns with no shoulder seams.
7. Black Canvas Laptop Bag (from the INTA assoc.)

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Noix_coco said...

Hi there

I discovered your blog from free cycle and I must say I am impressed by your objectives for this year! I sound like a fool to my friends or colleagues when I mention environment and simple living sometimes...
But now we are forced to live simply since we don't earn a lot! But we don't recycle - I don't know if it is possible here...Would love to hear tips from you.

What are the remaining books from the 7? I would like to start scrapbooking for my 2 yo daughter.

Helene, French, 6 months in Singapore

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