Monday, November 20, 2006

My Seven for the week.

A couple of days late, but I did get seven items out the door and to be "reused" by someone else. This weeks 7 all went to the Salvation Army as I was just too busy to get them onto freecycle.

Here they are:

1. A copy of Oprah What I know for sure. I think I got this free with a magazine I bought.

2.A blank book with colored papers. I know I bought this with the intention of it being a journal, or an altered item or something. I have had it for over 3 years and haven't used it yet so it was no loss to let it go.

3. A Ken Follett book that both Jeff and I have read.

4,5,6. TShirts that I don't wear any longer and need to be reused by someone else.

7. A skirt I don't wear anymore.

So, the other thing going on here is the continued clean up of my office/storage/craft/spare bed room. I should show you all a picture of the floor. But, it is probably better if I don't. But, you can check out the Far Flung Blog to see what I did with all of my scraps of craft paper. The file cabinet has all been sorted and now it is just putting it all away.

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