Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Peace...and finally some pictures

It is 9 am, I have had one conference call, about to start a second call, but it is quiet. I don't know how long the peace will last before the neighbors start hacking and jackhammering again, but for now... I will take it.

So, I wanted to show off some pictures of my new clean, repainted and reorganized living room.

This is what it looked like before we painted.

Not bad, just tired. Dirty walls-chipped paint, looks like a rental (which it is). So, we have decided to stay in our current apartment for at least one more year. To get debt paid down (student loans)build up a savings and look into purchasing a home in a few years. BUT, I was fed up with looking like we lived in a rental. I wanted to have some minor changes. I wanted some paint to make the walls look better.

So, the landlord agreed to paint the walls off white, it was like pulling teeth though as she thought the color would be too dark and would require to much rework when we moved out. I also went to Ikea and spent a bit of money on some candles, pillows, drapes and bookends. The biggest cost was for storage for the kids toys. It works so much better now. I didn't spend much about 250 US and I really feel good about the way the living room looks now. It works better, the kids have a place for toys, and the living room portion is more livable. The TV (only a 19 inch) has been moved closer to the door, but is only a small part of the room. I wish I could find a nice closed unit for the TV, but that will come later.

What the place looks like now in the next post

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