Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Waldorf Education in Singapore

We are on the waiting list to put Declan in the Waldorf School in January 2006. Once I pay the deposit, I think we are locked in for his spot. I am really excited about this as I believe in the method of education, and I think it would be good for Declan. Downside... the money.

Why is it that good quality education costs lots of money? I am happy to support the local Waldorf school as 90% of the school is still run on the blood sweat and tears of its volunteers. The teachers do get paid, but the dollar figure, really is quite small. The classes are small, about 6-10 kids, so if one kid drops out for the year, you are either obiligated to pay the whole year, or find a child to fill the spot. Now, see, I can get behind that. We really are supporting the school.

But, it just kills me. How can we justify paying additional money when the school on our Condo is about half the cost? I want it all I guess, I want a FREE school, public education, that is based on child centered learning, that takes into account the individual child's needs, that is balanced in arts and sceince, that does not forget to bring beauty and creativity into the classroom, that has a small size and teaches the kids respect for themselves, nature and each other.

I guess I am a dreamer.


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Is there a Waldorf School in singapore??

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