Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Creating a library

One of the big things we want to bring back with us to Singapore is our books. I love to read, fiction, non-fiction, books about farms, books about simple living. Love them all. And, I have a lot of them back home that I saved. I want them back.

What this means is we will need a bookshelf...one alone for the cookbooks, but I feel like I will be surrounded by the things I love again.

We will also stop at the bookstore when we are in the states. Here is what is on my wish list...

Lorna Sass, the Complete Vegetarian Cookbook
Square Food Gardening
Encyclopedia of Country Living
Mother Earth News back issue CDs

I also want to create a virtual library with snippets, posts and articles gleaned from the great resource the internet. Dreams of a self-sufficient life on 10 acres...

Step One. Formulate your dream and research.



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