Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Consumerisim runs rampid in this home

We are coming home in 2 weeks. We can't wait. What I love about going home is just being with friends and family. What I also love are trips to Nature's the organic grocery store (nka Wild Oat's), the mecca of all bookstores POWELL'S, a trip to the outlet mall for undies for Jeff and I, as well as some stuff for the kids. We will also hit Nordstrom for shoes and work clothes for Jeff and I. Finally a trip to Rich's cigar in downtown for a fix of magazines.

I love this about going home. Buying things from our favorite stores. Visiting our favorite bookstore.

I also HATE THIS about going home. It always feels like the whole purpose is shopping. That is not the case, but it does feel that way. I guess the fact that we only buy clothes for Jeff and I once a year back in the states does help, and the fact that we stock up on enough stuff that generally we feel like we bring a touch of home back to Asia. But, shopping, spending money, lost wages on trinkets and the like. Baubles, gewgaws and beads for trade.

Consumerism runs wild in this house, once a year.



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