Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You can take the girl off the farm

But you can't take the farm out of the girl. Just thought I would share a fun little book I bought here in Singapore of all places. There is a funky little antique and book store that finds what they believe to be funky books. Well sure enough they had a book on rare breeds of livestock in England.

The book published by Shire Publications (here is the link ) covered rare breeds of cattle, and included the TRADITIONAL Hereford, the non-milking Shorthorn, Suffolk horses, a bunch of rare sheep, but also the traditional Southdown. All breeds that are native to England and the islands, but have been threatened due to crossbreeding, changes in the type of animal style and exctiction.

I read the little book cover to cover in about 30 minutes and loved every minute. All along saying, oh we should get this kind of sheep when we get back, think of all the great wool I could spin... or look at this cow, we could use her for milk and beef..... or look at this pig... look at that snout, great for digging grubs I am sure.

I think my husband, who shares a dream of returning to Oregon and getting our property, still thought I had lost my freakin' mind! Best read in a long time!

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Rurality said...

Hi Kristy, it's easy to get excited by books like that isn't it?! We had 50 million plans when we moved to our land but have only realized a small portion of them of course. :) (Everything takes more money than you think it will!)

I was looking to see if you had a link that told why you were in Singapore, but couldn't find one... or am I just missing it?

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