Monday, June 20, 2005

Of Poop and Pottys

we hit a break through.

Viewer discression notice... the following post discusses, poop, potties and the training of children....

Kiera, the most amazing 2 year old, you know the one who was potty trained at 20 months (with a few set backs but....hey) is always proud of her ability to tell us, Mommy, "Kiera wants to pooopo". Declan, on the other hand, has been potty trained for pee for almost a year, but the poop thing has been a struggle. He has been able to tell us for about 6 months that he wants a "poopoo diaper", but breaking through to poop on the potty has been like pulling teeth. No, I take that back, pulling teeth (again an experience Declan knows all too well) maybe easier.

So, for the last week, we made the great stride of sitting for extended periods of time on the potty. Reading books. But when the urge to poop came. Declan held it in, refused to go.... Really uncomfortable. I go out on a walk with the dog, come back to find Declan has convinced his father to put on the diaper.... ARGH, I can't leave for 15 minutes......but, I digress.

Last night, HUGE progress. I sat with Declan for about 40 minutes. Nadda. Lots of holding it. Put him in the tub for his bath, Nancy comes to finish up, and she puts him back on the potty for another 30 minutes... while I put Kiera to bed. All of the sudden Declan comes running in the room, waiving his flashlight, acting all proud of himself. Nancy reports a very small, but still nonetheless, an actual poop hit the potty... and it came out of Declan's butt!

Nancy, still sleeps in the same room as the kids. I think it is in part cause she prefers the room with the aircon, I don't blame her. Anyway... around 1:30 or 2... Declan wakes up, goes over to Nancy and says "Nancy wake up, wake up, Declan pee pee now!" So they get up and successfully go to the potty together. Yippee...

This morning, Delcan however, woke up with cramps, had a small accident in bed with pee (I am sure it was the cramps....) But screaming, yelling and crying aside, we went back to the potty for the biggest POOP I have ever seen from an almost 4 year old. It must have been a really tough couple of days, but I would not let him have a diaper. So, he got a special breakfast of pancakes and M&Ms. We will see if the trend continues. But today we are walking around singing and high fives are slappin'

It is a good kid day!



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