Thursday, February 11, 2010

Space and Perspective

This image is from the "egg" in Beijing. An amazing bit of modern architecture if I do say so myself (cause I am such a critic, but no expert). I am sitting today in Kuala Lumpur and thinking about the month and a half that have just past.

I have traveled to Malaysia 2 times. I have been to Beijing, I have been to LA and Dallas. Total miles logged around 20,000 miles. That is one hell of a huge carbon footprint. It also means that the one thing I love the most-being with my family- was totally a wash. I was with the family 15 days of January.

Good news is February is looking better. After this trip I intend to be home until March 1st, but March will be just as bad. While awesome trips are planned, including my first trip to India, it again stresses my family.

So, what does space and perspective mean, what types of changes am I making this year to slow down and be more deliberate. A few goals I think are in order.

1. Be Financially Independent (save $). I just spent a ton of $ on clothes for myself. I suppose it was needed. I work in a professional environment and tend to have clothes that fit poorly or make me look short and drab. So, now that a shopping spree has taken place, it is time to cut back and save. Jeff and I figure that to retire early we would need enough to survive in a manner that we could be comfortable, plan for un-anticipated expenses and cover the kids college. We are a long way off.

2. Be Present- When i am home, be there, be with the family, not be distracted and give my whole to the kids. Last week it was easy. I just got home from travel so the 2 days I was home it was easy to sit down and do homework, be patient and be there. I hope I can keep it up.

3. Be healthy. A few health issues have been circling around the family. We all need to take better care of ourselves and be well.

4. Be Grateful. Appreciate the blessings I have in life and share them with those I love.

5. Be Proactive. Take things in order and take action when needed rather than procrastinate.

6. Be Organized. Home, Business, Finances, Lifestyle.

7. Be Beautiful. Again, my home, myself, my family, my surroundings.

8. Be at Peace (my word of the year) and if the above come to fruition (or don't) be at peace with what happens and enjoy this life.

More about what I plan and how I plan to reach these goals soon.
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