Sunday, February 14, 2010

working towards some goals

First, a few pictures from Newport Beach California, from January. It was just shear luck that this is the lifeguard tower that we parked near and I couldn't help but take this picture. Pretty much representative of my current stage in life, I would have to say. And in part the renewed interest in getting my "shi.."I mean stuff together.

I guess it is time to set down and get to work on some of the goals I posted the other day. I have a long weekend and have spent some time resting, some time playing at the pool and sometime hanging on the back porch doing not much of anything. I have started to go through a bunch of my library and print outs on Simplicity and homesteading and I am reviewing what I can and should keep. The rest will be clipped and stored or recyled.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. A week where I get a few days off from the "real" job to attend to the real life. I start tomorrow with a three day jump start to healthy eating. I am going all veggie on a "detox" for three days. The goal is not to crash diet, not to lose weight, but to identify some of the food triggers I know have upset my digestive system. I plan on cutting out all caffenine (today I have only had a cup of tea)...all animal protein, all glutens, all refined sugars and all soy. I then will reintroduce them one at a time to see what happens and if I can find out what bothers me. I also will start my yoga again tomorrow -and with the kids not in school for two days- I can do it before their day starts.

So, Monday is organization day ( I think it is a great idea to start picking days for certain goals)

I hope to get my office cleaned up-
1) magazines sorted and those that are no longer applicable thrown out.
2) papers sorted and recycled were appropriate, filed where needed to be
3) craft desk cleared and stuff put away (and I will not fall prey to the "reorganize the craft stuff call (not just yet!)
4) I hope to finish going through my closets and giving away clothes that either don't fit me or don't fit well.
5) Organize the CHA stuff. Send out reminders and track leads
6) finalize accounting stuff for both businesses including completion of two bills
7) and if time permits start working again on my photo organization. I have over 15,000 images that need to be reviewed, pared down and many duplicates and poor copies deleted. This is an ongoing goal.
Finally, a few trips to plan. While March will be a month filled with travel, we are considering a quick getaway with the kids for spring break to either Yogyakarta or Lombok using SPG points that I have been gathering from all my work travels. It is possible for us to stay in Sheraton hotels for a combination of points and only $25.00 per day.

Tuesday will be Kitchen/food storage updates (I think Tuesday may be health day)

Hope you are all having a prosperous start to the year of the Tiger. Xin Nien Kuai Le.

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